The Artist Rules

    "In a healthy society, the artist is the ruler" is a quote from my last article. I thought it would be fun to embellish the thought. I am sure that statement would make the concrete thinkers shake in their boots. This world would surely go crazy. Would checkbooks ever be balanced again? Would meetings ever start on time? Would businesses succeed? If it is spontaneous, then that's the way it will be.

    If artists ruled! The thought became humorous to me. I got a glimpse of flowers and all kinds of art work painted on cars and moving vehicles, graffiti on bridges and underpasses, of course in good taste. Anything that has a flat surface, I would paint on. There would be painted bicycle fences, old cars for flower boxes and painted doors. It would be a colorful world for sure and everyone would be a poet.

    As a concrete thinker, my sweet Al always shudders when I am the one in charge of collecting the money. He knows that I will come up short every time. There is always some poor soul who needs a little help and I always remember that at one time I didn't have it either and some kind soul helped me. “Oh sure, come on, there’s always room for one more.”

    Al says, "Betty, if you are in business you can't buy shoelaces for a nickel and sell them for a nickel." I say, "I know," like some teenager who doesn't know.  I know that I will probably give it away anyway. It looks like I am a soft touch, but I see it's the way it should be.

    I decided that there must be a deeper meaning to this statement, "In a healthy society, the artist is the ruler", so I talked to my cracked pot friend who lives in a true artist fashion and he plumbed a little deeper.

    Try to follow this thought from an artistic mind.

    "I agree with it 100%," he said, "If we are living right as a society, very little needs to be done. A maxim from the Orient says, 'He who rules best rules least.'"

    "If an artist rules, there would be a glorious alternative, the one producing beauty would be honored and would not have to struggle, and such a person would have the ability to fulfill his calling, instead of being a Gypsy or Bohemian in the eyes of society and living at odds with the way of society."

    Ernest Hemingway, the writer, says it best, "Truth has a certain ring to it. The business of things being beautiful has a certain ring to it. It is so simple. A child can understand lies."

    I think I can decipher his train of thought.   As the true artist rules in beauty and truth with simplicity, the rest of us know it's not about painting flowers on mailboxes; it is a state of mind of learning the art of living.

    I wish for you eyes to see the beauty in others, and a heart to know truth and live artfully.  God bless you. 


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