Take that first step and leave your footprints in paint.  Discover new ways of thinking about what you see, how you feel, and experience what you should write about.  When we write or paint in the Spirit, we worship God in the gifts He has bestowed on us. He returns honor to us by anointing our work, which give life to our words and images and will witness God.

Paint your characters, scenes and book covers in watercolors. Custom lessons for you and your characters.

Anyone can write humor if they understand the principles of humor. Discover what works and doesn't work when you are incorporating humor in your writing. When writers dare to become funny, they will bring in the clowns.

Betty J. Slade is a national speaker as well as a mentor to writers. Drawing from over 45 years of painting, Bible study, teaching, and writing, she is a frequent speaker for both Writers and Women's Groups. Betty says, "I have many loves in my life, but my two passions are my faith in the Lord Jesus and the arts."


Listed below are a few of her current workshops. If you're interested in a specific topic, contact Betty through her Contact Page.

Speaking Topics