Living Art in High Definition

Getting to know your characters through watercolors.


"Living Art in High Definition" will more than cover watercolor techniques, it will open doors to what you want to achieve and will complete your novels.


As we embark on this creative journey, your comments and questions are important to me. They will help me understand where you are and what you want from this class. As we communicate you will learn how to visualize your characters.


Painting your characters will make them come alive to you. You will fall in love with your written characters. I know, as I have painted my characters in my books, I understand them better and I've deepened and developed my characters because of the exercises of studying my characters and their features.

All-Day Workshop
Five Lessons - Painting Characters and Scenes

Introduction - Let's Talk - I'm listening


Lesson One
Basic skills - How to Work with Watercolor
Paints/Paper/Water/Brushes/Supply List/Getting Started


Lesson Two
Describe Your Characters in Words
Know your character's traits, mannerisms. Find photos of popular people. Stage your characters. Take photos of landscape, rooms, props, people who look like your characters.


Lesson Three

Practice sketching and drawing - use grids, graphic paper.


Lesson Four

Applying Watercolors - Wet on wet, underpainting, details, design, painting your characters.


Lesson Five

Final Stage - Getting a likeness of the character you have in mind. Taking a fictional character and making her real to you and your reader.