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    Doing what they were created to do


    What is success to an artist? It is surprisingly different than many think.  It’s not about money.  Maybe that is why there are so many starving artists.  It’s the love of the art that makes the artist give their lifetime to achieve success.


    Wealth can not be confused with money.  The artist holds within them great ideas, creative power and visions beyond their time.  This wealth can not be measured, bought, or hoarded, but must be shared with others.  Most artists freely give of their gift and feel great satisfaction when others accept what they have.


    I remember a story of a mail carrier who wanted to be inside from the elements of the weather and become the Postmaster.  For him, that was success.  For others, that doesn’t seem like success but for this man, he gave a lifetime of work to accomplish his goal.

    There are many avenues an artist might take. Freelancing as a commercial artists will reap certain rewards such as spendable cash.  Their art will be seen on magazine and book covers, promotional and marketing products.  Then there are the art teachers.  They find their satisfaction in passing on an appreciation and knowledge to their students.  Their pay is steady, but not what they deserve.  And there are the artists who sell their art at craft shows, gallery, co-ops and wholesale markets. It’s usually lean between shows. 


    But yet, artists are the wealthiest people in the world.  They take time to look at a sunset, to view something in a different way, and experience life around them.  Artists notice what others quickly pass by.  They experience the colors of the rainbow, not the pot of gold at the end. 


    At the end of the day, the paint is still wet and the artist is tired, but satisfied that they did what made them happy. They spent their day well.  At the end of their life, they know that they did what they were created to do. That’s success for an artist!



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