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    Change! Are we ready for it?

    Have you noticed, about the time you become comfortable with the way it is, things change?  It is rattling to say the least. I want things to remain the way they are until I’m ready to change. It doesn’t usually work that way.  Change interrupts how we think it should be and moves us into a place where we don’t know how it will be.

    It is interesting when we study about the immutability of God. This never changing God remains the same but has made a changing world.  Nothing stays the same.

    When He spoke this world into existence, His word brought change and continually brings change in us and everything around us.  And the gift He gave us is that man is capability of changing.

    Why is it so hard for a person to change when he is made to change?  Even if it isn’t a perfect picture, it is familiar and is your place.  Sometimes it is saying goodbye to people who are in that place.  You’re going on and you want to hang on to certain feelings that were satisfying. You can continue going back but other people have also changed and are going on in their way of change.

    Al and I are facing certain changes.  Nothing earth shaking but the realization that we can’t do what we use to do.  We want to do certain things, but it demands more than we physically able to do.

    Also, sometimes the sand box gets too small. As we grow in wisdom and understanding we can’t stay no matter how comfortable it is. We might be letting go of what we consider a lot to do something that looks like nothing. 

    Al reminded me of a favorite saying about the swinging trapeze artist.  He must have the faith to turn loose of the bar before he is positioned to catch the next one.  Many times, change comes before all the details are given. We want to remain with a certain comfort before we jump.  We must turn loose before we are ready to catch the next bar. Don’t count on the safety net, it might not be there.

    If anyone is hanging on, tying knots at the end, it is a desperate place and when it comes, you’ll find yourself desperate. Desperate people do desperate things. The transition will not be smooth; it will be like escaping by fire. I’ve been there a few times when my backend was on fire as I was trying to put out the fire on the way out.

    So, what about change?  It will happen.  It is just way life is. If we have done what we need to do in the present, we are ready for the next step no matter how uncomfortable it might appear.

    Some of us have re-invented ourselves many times. I believe it is good.  We are moving with the change.  Unlike Grandma Moses who didn’t start painting until she was ninety years old, my artistic expression is taking a new venue.  What took her so long to discover her talent?  What took me so long to finally find my place?

    I believe change honors a process.  Even though we think we are ready for the center circle and our names in lights we are not ready.  We must move with the change that is taking place in us and the change that is happening around us.  It coincides in perfect harmony.




    Betty Lucero says (Mar 5, 2019):

    Awe, Change !! at 80 I have found change happens so the thing we fight is "It coincides in perfect harmony" A quote i came across in the book of Proverbs ( Commentary) " There comes a time when we must step of the stage so that others may step up to it" ..I am finding I have to be pushed off Harmony please show up.... LOL... me/

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