Betty J. Slade



    Certainly an Odd Breed


    Have you met any interesting people lately?  No?  Then you haven’t met an artist.


    There are those artists you meet who hold your attention.  They exude life and you have to know, see and share in their life. They have a lot of interests.  They bring out things that you wished you had.


    Then there are those you meet, you roll your eyes and think to yourself, “you’ve got to be kidding.” Now they are really interesting.


    Of course, there are those artists who suck up the room with all their bright ideas in which they are never going to do any of them.  They just like to talk about them. A little of that artist goes a long way.


    You will spot her in a swishy skirt, an armor of chains about her neck, rings on her fingers and toes, a big floppy hat and always a big canvas bag, full of brushes, paper and palette on her way to a painting class or workshop. She is an artist.


    Or those who wear oil paints under the nails, on their hands, up their arms, on their face.  It’s a sure tip off, that’s an artist. 


    Artists are visionaries.  They’ve been there, done that.  When something becomes fashionable, they’ve gone onto something else.  There’s always something more exciting that spurs them on to the next best idea.


    For myself, I love my white bicycle fence known as “Tour de Slade” that leads visitors to my studio. Some of my children think it’s tacky, I just tell them, I’m an artist!


    Artists? What a garden variety of interesting people.  They stir you to look at yourself.  They dare to walk in freedom.  They laugh at themselves and wouldn’t change who they are for anyone.  Somehow they get by with things because they are Artists! 


    They are certainly an odd breed, but interesting.



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