Betty J. Slade


Betty J. Slade  is an author of fiction and non-fiction, a newspaper columnist, and an artist in oils and watercolors.  Her newly published book, Heart Bender's Secret (2nd in the Heart Bender Series), combines both her love of writing and the world of art.


She writes Artist's Lane, a weekly column for The Pagosa Springs SUN about humorous, and sometimes serious, small town living, and especially about Sweet Al and their life in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  Her book, Living Life on the Front Page is a published collection of selected Artist's Lane articles from 2008-2012. In addition, she is a regular contributor to Matter of Faith, a weekly column for the SUN with a team of 18 current Faith Writers.


She has written about art from a Christian world view in her manual, Hearing the Whispering Dove...Talent or Gift? and published two Bible study books, The King's Choice, is based on the Old Testament book Song of Solomon. Cameo: The Study of Ruth is a thumbnail sketch of the history of Israel and its redeemer.  Her two books of poetry,Within the Veil and In His Presence are rich allegories of when one encounters God to the throne into His presence.


Under Heaven's Rage, a story of a Colorado rancher's wife, is ready for a publisher and was a finalist in Kathy Ide's Promising Beginnings writing contest.


As an artist since 1965, she brings her characters alive in words and paint.  Her art is on display on the Princess Cruise Line, and in her Pagosa Springs private gallery and studio in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.


Betty is affiliated with national and local professional writers organizations and serves as Vice President of the Wolf Creek Writers Network.


Betty and her husband Al live in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and have four children and four grandchildren.

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