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Heart Bender's Secret

New Mexico art curator's brush with danger plunges her into a romance with an INTERPOL agent when they team up to search for international stolen art.

Under Heaven's Rage

Ready for publication. (Finalist in Kathy Ide's Promising Beginnings writing contest.)


A wife rebels against her husband's decision to take a second wife. If she loses that battle, it will cost her and her children everything. The Crawford Ranch becomes a battleground as Joe surrenders to polygamy and Libby fights to be his only love.







The truthful lip shall be established forever. ~ Proverbs 12:19a

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Welcome to my world of writing. Sit down with me with a cup of coffee and let's get to know each other. Enjoy browsing through my website and give me your thoughts.


I can't tell you how many times I have reinvented myself. It has happened by default and not by my own choice, out of necessity and staying young, being dispensable and refusing to be left behind.  The biggest reason, the box I found myself in became too small.


Call it staying current and not dated. Call it a new look in social media. Call it a facelift. All in all, I have found myself in a new place and I am loving it.


It all started when I finished writing a novella and was ready to market it. I signed a contract for a series of four books with Winged Publications, Forget Me Not Division.


Heart Bender's Secret is the second novella in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains Series and is about romance and international art crime. All four books are set in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The stories will take us to northern New Mexico, southern Colorado, France, Spain and Sweden.


Celebrate my new release, Heart Bender's Secret, a novella and part 2 of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains Series. It is available on Amazon.


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In April 2017, Betty signed a 4-book contract with Winged Publications - Forget Me Not Romances.  Her second book in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain series is Heart Bender's Secret and was released July 2018.

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